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April 22 2017

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And i wait for you..my devilman..spend time on the rug in front of my bed..the voices of the day still echo in me ..but slowly die ..and i wait ..and focus on you ..on my devilman ..the man who fills my soul ..and keeps me safe ..the man i long for..i wait..because all i want is to be yours ..to be your good girl..i find freedom in the way i surrender ..

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Ba dum tss

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April 21 2017

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April 20 2017

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So beautiful to see this kind of surrender/submission. I know the feeling it can give to your body and mind.
I tried because I believed it would give me finally the peace in my head….I have never been so wrong about something…. I can’t surrender at least not totally…I’m the one on the other side…my sweet @horny1972 surrenders to me, to his Mistress M.
My other is side has a blog too @the-kinky-world-of-mistress-m feel free to visit 👠

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April 16 2017

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April 14 2017

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April 13 2017

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